Furniture that suits you

Furniture can add a lot to an outdoor space and is really what brings the whole space together. It allows you have friends and family round, and on those nice sunny days have a BBQ and relax in the sun.

Garden sofas are becoming the popular choice for many families, however many also are opting for the more simpler and cheaper homemade furniture. Getting hold off old unwanted chairs and tables are the ideal place to start when designing furniture.  Most scrap yards will sometimes give them away for free or for a small fee so it is definitely worth doing some research. All you then need is to sand them down, couple layers of paint and they will be looking brand new.  If you want the rustic worn use you can use the sandpaper to bring out the grain of the wood. Remember to finish off with a layer of protective varnish to seal everything in and prevent paint becoming damaged from weather and use.

Money Money Money


How to save pennies is a question everybody wants to know. The main reason people end up forking out for expensive materials and services is because it’s easier. It take 2 minutes to click Pay Now on a web screen, or to ring up a company to come do it for you, but people are too apprehensive or even lazy to do some research and do more themselves. Of course there are some things where a professional hand is required, such as laying artificial grass, or wiring electrics.

However people always look at jobs such as decking and think they can’t do it themselves, well you can! WIthout a doubt sourcing the materials plays a big part in saving costs. South Wales has recently had a drop in rock materials such as slate and granite. So for materials you need to look into where you get them and how you get them cheap. You can get patios Cardiff and swansea where the prices have recently decreased.

Staying clear from the mass retailers is key if you want to save money. They are normally better quality and come from a more reliable and knowledgeable source.

Why bother?

Landscaping is becoming in more demand every year with people becoming roe aware that good garden can not only change the way you live, but also add value to the home itself. It can be either a cheap project or a more wallet busting one, however there are the same principles that apply to everyone seeking to have a go at it themselves. It will save you money and give you more pride in the finished job that you did yourself!

Around 40% of homeowners do not maintain their outdoor space and a further 20% wish they had a nice garden that they could enjoy. The most popular reason is time and money. There are much cheaper methods and smaller things you can change that can make a big difference.